On  Friday  I  played Sacred Heartin softball. We played well but we lost by 14 points.

I had a good game  and I like playing softball.

Italian week

on Tuesday  we dresst in Italian  costumes.

And on Wednesday  we got to  watch a play calld la festa and I liked it.

On thersday we ate Pizza and we all so ate gelati and I ate the chocolate gelati




Brush my teeth


*Get your toothbrush from the glass on the sink and pick up the toothpaste. *Squirt some toothpaste across the bristols on the toothbrush. *Turn on the cold water and place the toothbrush under it. *Place the toothbrush into your mouth and start brushing from the left to the right side of your mouth. *Spit out the excess liquid in your mouth *Rinse your mouth out with a glass of water. *Wash the brush under the tap and dry it on the towel. *Put the brush back into the empty dry glass and place them back on the bathroom sink.


these character are  …

billy bob

chook woman


then we write a story and then we got his  signature.

Writing promt

lion – it is the king of Africa

hippopotamus –  it has big teeth

zebra -it is colourful

Turtles  – I  want to ride a tertel when I grow up

frog –  it  jump so high